1. Week Eight: Red Mango, Towns and Dropping Things.

    After a week of walking across town and eating fruit until it came out of my ears, I was rewarded with a loss of 2.6 pounds.  My total is now fourteen pounds.  Whoo!  Also, this week was full of blooming plants in my room.  I am sad there are no new jasmine buds since the beginning of this week, but I am hoping next week brings a few more.  Jasmine is my favorite smell.

    I have decided the best way to celebrate my massive victory is to work even harder.  When I say “work even harder,” what I really mean is “go to Red Mango.”  For those of you around a Red Mango or Pink Berry, you must go there at least once in your life.  It is by far the best frozen yogurt I have ever had in my life. 

    I might try roasting some Brussels sprouts tomorrow.  I’ve never had then before and I am quite excited to try something new.  I’ll let you know how that adventure goes.  Beyond that, I have plans to finish The Book Thief by Mark Zusak (so far, it’s excellent), go swing dancing on Tuesday and hit up Jones Beach with the Pretty Pretty Princess board game and Sara.  This week is going to be EPIC. 

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  2. Week Seven: Websites and Books and Halts, Oh My!

    Hello Beauties,

    This week I didn’t lose any weight, keeping me at my total of 11.4 pounds.  I plan on stepping up the walking this week to help get the loss rolling again. 

    My Dad is bringing home fish tonight.  I asked for a dog, so I got fish.  My parents don’t like to deal with problems, but instead go around them.  Maybe they will be fuzzy, cuddly fish? 

    Also, as I wrote before, I started a new blog.  I am quite excited about it, though it doesn’t feel as warm and cuddly as this blog.  I hope it becomes more like a dog and less like a fish. 

    I’m still reading The Book Thief, which I hope to finish sometime in the next lifetime. 

    Wishing you unicorns, smiles and those little lights that show up on perfect nights,


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  3. Week Six: Fish and Clips

    Oh.  Hello.  Didn’t see you there.

    Let’s get right to it: this week I lost 1.6 pounds for a total of 11.4 pounds.  To celebrate, I went to Canterbury Ales with Vito and Erin.  I got fish and chips and hoboy was it delicious.  I also got a spiffy book at the Book Revue.  I was going to buy some new stationary, but then I realized I had too much.

    That being said, I might go back to get it.  Muahahaha. 

    Back to watching Avatar: The Last Airbender!

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  4. Week Five: One, Edits and Boom.

    Hello lover.

    So this week I lost another 1.6, giving me a teasing 9.8 pounds lost in all.  What is that garbage?  I was so so close to 10!  Next week for sure I’ll hit ten pounds.

    Vito and I went walking last night and while we walked, we saw this sudden bright flash of light—then this insanely loud BOOM happened.  It scared us shitless.  Of course, after we ducked and covered, we tried to laugh the whole thing off, but by then the damage has already been done.  Every moment a light turned on, we did some ducking, some covering and a bit of laughing. 

    I have to finish my editing by the end of July.  Tomorrow begins the first full week—my goal will be to finish editing chapter 8 and finish typing up chapter 2 and 3. If I can do that, I will be in good shape.  My roses are blooming (finally) and I am so happy to see them. Edward is currently flittering about beside me.  I think he agrees. 

    Off I go to watch the last episode of season one of How I Met Your Mother.  Yay!

    Much love,


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  5. Week Four: Editing, Losing Babies and Happiness

    Hello beautiful, beautiful readers.  My roses are happy, my jasmine is happy, Edward is being an asshole—it’s a good week.  This week I lost 1.8, bringing my total to 8.4 pounds.  How much are babies these days?  …that makes me sound like I’m trying to buy one.  I meant how much do they normally weigh?  Around 8.4, right?  I’m going to start calculating my weight loss in how many babies I’ve lost.  So far, about one. 

    I’ve been making paper.  I need to practice a bit more.  Speaking of paper, I started editing a bit last night and man, it’s been a while.  I’m hoping that the next time I write one of these weekly updates, I’ll be finished with the chapter I’m working on.  If that happens, someone owes me a hug and kiss.  Maybe two hugs.  Two hugs and an inappropriate touch?

    Anyway…I took off of work on Wednesday so I can go swing dancing at Old Westbury Gardens.  I am massively excited for that night because it combines three things I love: dancing, green things and friends.  All of you on the Island…I expect to see you there.  Or else!  Yes, that was an empty threat.

    Moving on, I’m about to watch the last episode of season three of the Tudors.  Crazy shiznit going on.  I can’t WAIT for Cromwell to be offed.  He was annoying.  I also started How I Met Your Mother—which is great.  I’ll be updating my to do list later today (or in an hour). 

    Before I go, I am going to leave you with a joke!

    Reader, will you remember me in an hour?

    (I will assume you said yes)

    Reader, will you remember me in a day?


    A week?

    (Of course)

    A month?


    A year?

    (Dear Lord, yes!)

    Knock knock!

    (Who’s there?)


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  6. Week Three: Om nom nom nom

    This posting after my weigh-ins is beginning to become habit.  I think I will keep it up.  Anyhoozle, this week I lost 2.2 pounds for a total of 6.6 (haha, it looks like eyes and ‘brows).  I am quite happy—my pound paperclip chain be growin’!

    Related to that, the nightly walking has continued and will continue.  I ended up skipping yoga this week, but next week will be full of yoga and dancing.  Vito has been trying to get me to run with him.  I might actually start working on that next. 

    In other news, I have been seriously considering moving to Boston (or the surrounding area).  Cities seem to be quite expensive, but I am hoping the ‘burbs won’t be so bad.  I’ll keep you posted on those plans. 

    My plants are quite happy.  I know, I know, I forgot to post photos.  The reason is because my unpacking/room cleaning has been happening at the speed of oh-god-kill-me.  Once the camera is unpacked, I will take pictures.

    Editing is going almost as slowly as the unpacking.  I have the damn thing on my desk.  Now I just need to actually do something with it.

    I think that might be all for this weekly update.  I wish you find love, books and some of those delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

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  7. Week Two: Losing, Winning and Everything Else That Doesn’t Fit

    It’s weigh-in day!  This week I lost 2.6 pounds for a total of 4.4.  Whoo!  I did a little dance (again).  My nightly walking seems to be paying off, even though sometimes I want to rip out my kidneys and throw them at people around mile number two. If you live around the New Hyde Park/Franklin Square/Elmont/Garden City area and want to walk with me—let me know.  I’ve become a little bit of a walking whore. 

    I’ve got a blooming jasmine plant on my desk, so my room smells of jasmine.  It’s my favorite smell, so I couldn’t be happier.  Well…maybe if the jasmine also produced money.  I’ve got three little marigolds growing, and lots of little soon-to-be parsley and Canterbury bells.  I also planted a terrarium (which looks splendid if I do say so myself).  I’ll post photos tomorrow. 

    What else, what else?  Oh!  I’ve been getting lots of letters in the mail, so I’ve been busy writing everyone back.  There’s nothing better than writing letters in a room that smells like jasmine, right?  Right.  Well…maybe if Alan Rickman happened to be reading all my letters aloud as I wrote them.  In any case, I digress.  If you’d like to jump on the letter train, let me know.  I might be able to hook you up with my address. 

    Today I’ll be spending the evening in Old Westbury Gardens, where I will be picnicing with friends and watching dancing.  I’m quite excited because those that know me, know that I love picnic, friends, and reasons not wear shoes.

    I think that’s all I have for you this Saturday.  I send you virtual hugs, kisses, and other things that can’t be e-mailed (like cars, apparently).

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  8. Week One - Eating, Walking, and Mirrors

    Soo, I have been weighed and measured and I am 1.8 pounds lighter than I was last week.  I did a little bit of a happy dance in front of the lady.  AND!  I got a paper clip.  While this may seem like nothing to you, I find it quite awesome.  Office supplies make me happy.  Every pound lost gets a new paper clip, and so I will begin my paper clip chain somewhere obnoxious, somewhere I have to look everyday.  I KNOW!  MY MIRROR!  Muahahaha!

    Speaking of mirrors, I got a new side-view mirror.  It cost me an entire paycheck *grumble grumble*, but now I can safely drive at night again. 

    I’ve been walking every night, and plan to continue this tradition.  If you’d like to join me on my late night walks, let me know.  I am fun and talk a lot and will often dance if things get boring.  Also, I can’t count, so I need someone who is responsible and can add. 

    What else did I have to tell you beautiful, wonderful people?  Oh!  Yes.  The plants haven’t popped out of the ground yet.  Actually…let me double check.  Okay, I went to the kitchen—still nothing.  Maybe we’ll have a surprise for the beginning of this coming week!  The aloe vera is happy and growing new arms.  My Mom has been watering it too much lately, which made me a little nervous due to my past issues with aloe vera explosions, but there doesn’t seem to be any threat of it exploding soon.

    Off to work I go!  Text me if you get bored!  I will probably be wanting to claw my eyes out!

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